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Accolades that Al Day has earned over the years include:

"Passion fills Day's intelligent, poetic, carefully crafted lyrics and radiates from his voice . . . His ability with metaphor and strikingly unusual imagery, along with his way of bending phrases and words, takes the listener on an unforgettable journey." SING OUT! MAGAZINE

"Al Day is one of the most talented and prolific singer songwriters." -- RAY NORDSTRAND, WFMT Radio

"Al Day runs deep. His voice and words convey unimaginable power and emotion." -- STUART ROSENBERG, WBEZ Radio

"Singer-songwriters are a hot item on the folk-pop scene, and one of the best of these performers is Al Day." -- ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER

"Al Day is a skilled and meticulous songwriter -- a master craftsman. Poems and tunes flow into one through Al's artistry." -- JOHN STIERNBERG, Entertainment Consultant and NARAS Member

"Day's rough, gravelly voice is one of the most engaging in town, and his control over it is nothing short of amazing. He can switch from high falsetto to a sandpaper voice with a facility that eludes most of us when trying to tie a shoelace." -- Chicago Reader

"Al Day is a young Henry Miller." -- WILLIAM RUSSO, director, Contemporary American Music Program, Columbia College

"Al Day is brilliant and completely original." -- RICH WARREN, WFMT Radio

"Singer-songwriter Al Day's unique vocal style and striking beautiful music receives enthusiastic responses wherever he plays. Al's appeal is heightened by his unusual voice which is as versatile as his music is diverse." -- CHICAGO READER

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