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Platypus Rex is a musical collective led by songwriter, Al Day and jazz pianist/ keyboardist/ composer, Bob Long. Like its namesake the duckbill platypus, the group is a combination of unusual parts that somehow, harmoniously fit together. The material is comprised of song forms, folk, pop, jazz with a group of players capable of playing in diverse musical settings. The music alternates between songs and improvised pieces initiated by the various players, sometimes incorporating spoken word. The other members include composer/bassist, Doug Lofstrom, reed player/composer, Brian Gephart, vocalist, Typhanie Monique, percussionist, Sarah Allen and guitarist, Victor Sanders.

The sum of Platypus Rex's parts produce a unique performance of song, improvisation and spoken word that is always fresh, new and remarkable.

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© Copyright, 2002 Al Day; photo by Tanya Tucka