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Al Day

Come, enter the Guest House.

Enter a world of raging angels, red-winged doves, and soul survivors.

Enter a world that is home to brave folk, but not brave because they are fearless. Quite the contrary. Those who reside in the Guest House are all-too-well-acquainted with fear and pain and suffering; their bravery is that they continue living and loving anyway.

In the Guest House, you'll find a hard-knocks couple who finally find each other, only to be sundered by death. A woman hurt by a succession of lovers and who yearns for constancy. A tolerant cafe that is beacon to the displaced lives of a decaying neighborhood. An angry cry for revenge against the worst kind of injustice. The weave of music and lyrics that Al Day has created to document the world of the Guest House is just as brave. Rooted in Al Day's experiences working with the splintered souls that he encounters as a social worker, these songs go straight as an arrow to the heart, where their effect is indelible. Produced together with Al's artistic collaborators -- gifted mandolinist Don Stiernberg and bass player Marc Edelstein -- this album does not settle for easy answers, easy solutions. Intricate without being frilly or fancy, this music is timeless and honest, and it hauntingly captures the hopeful, restless search for love and peace.

From out of whatever night you are in, another soul comes to touch yours in the Guest House. Listen, learn and be forever changed. As the song New Holiday promises, "Warm though worn, you shall be found."

Come, find yourself in the Guest House.

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